Instantiating a java.util.Properties via OSGi Blueprint

28 Mar

I was recently struggling a bit to instantiate a java.util.Properties object via OSGi Blueprint. Normally when dealing with properties in OSGi Blueprint I use the OSGi Admin config or Compendium service. However one of the other objects I needed required a java.util.Properties object as a constructor argument. So I needed to instantiate it via Blueprint. After some try & error I found the solution.

<bean id="myPropertiesObject" class="java.util.Properties">
        <prop key="property1">value1</prop>
        <prop key="property2">value1</prop>
        <prop key="property3">value1</prop>

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2 responses to “Instantiating a java.util.Properties via OSGi Blueprint

  1. Aldjinn

    2017-02-28 at 16:02

    A map can be created in a similar way:



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